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Meet Dr. Alan Ackermann, medical director and founder of South Florida Institute for Wellness and Health. Dr. Ackermann is board certified and fellowship trained in cardiology and internal medicine, and he provides personalized, compassionate, quality care, offering his patients the most comprehensive treatment plans to optimize their health. Specializing in both internal medicine and cardiology allows Dr. Ackermann to not only understand the mechanics of your heart, but to also utilize his expertise regarding the wellbeing of your entire body. Instead of focusing specifically on cardiac problems, Dr. Ackermann takes a “whole person, whole body” approach.

His philosophy focuses on graceful aging versus anti-aging. As a wellness and preventative cardiologist, Dr. Ackermann works closely with his patients to educate them about maintaining a healthy heart to develop an awareness of heart disease risk factors, symptoms of heart disease, and about the most common heart and cardiovascular conditions. Dr. Ackermann limits the number of patients he sees daily, enabling him to spend more time with his patients to manage their symptoms and conditions. When diagnosing problems and treatment options, Dr. Ackermann utilizes state-of-the-art technology and heart tests. Whenever possible, he chooses a non-invasive treatment approach.


I have never met or gone to a better doctor. He is a wonderful human being and a very professional person.

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