We feel fortunate to have received reflections from our patients about how Dr. Alan Ackermann has helped them.

Here are some of our favorites:

"Dr. Ackermann oversaw my open-heart surgery and was with me every step of the way through my procedure and recovery. He checked up on me every day I was in the hospital. Twice a day, actually, sometimes at 10 o'clock at night. He's an outstanding doctor, a great person, humane, caring and now a dear friend. Something very rare, he gives you all the time you need and explains things in a way you can understand. Dr. Ackermann was my neighbor's doctor.  I'm thankful he recommended him to me and now I recommend him to everyone all the time and they all end up going to him.

I can't say enough about Dr. Ackermann. He is very professional, an excellent doctor and on top of his game. He knows his stuff and always keeps up with the latest research.

I go to him for everything now. He's not only my heart doctor, he's an internist and my primary physician."  - Jorge A.

"I have never met or gone to a better doctor. He is a wonderful human being and a very professional person. Dr. Ackermann is also kind, caring and has tremendous patience. He doesn't keep me waiting. He's on time, always answers all my questions, doesn't rush me out the door and is extremely thorough.  I don't think I've ever had a more thorough physical exam. He checks everything, not just your heart. I do whatever he tells me to do because he is always right with his advice and treatment plan." - Zelda B.

"Dr. Ackermann is my favorite person in the whole wide world. First of all he treats you, not like a patient, but like a family member or a friend. Not only is he a great physician who cares, he's a remarkable individual. He makes you feel very comfortable. He gives you all the time in the world you need, is cordial and eloquent. I've recommended him to so many people and they all love him. Even my girlfriend goes to him now."  - John David B.

"I'm a heart patient and Dr. Ackermann knows how critical that is, so he always makes himself available to me any time, any day of the week. He's the only doctor who ever gave me his cell phone number.

He is an excellent doctor. Since he's an internist too I go to him for everything, even if I come down with a cold, and he doesn't have a problem with that. I can't say enough good things about him. He's a class act. Extremely conscientious. I recommend him to everyone. Dr. A is also the only doctor who could stabilize my blood pressure. I had very high blood pressure and saw many doctors over the years who couldn't control it. But he didn't give up on me, he kept trying different drug combinations and got it under control. He's a great, compassionate man. When he broke his leg, he was barely out of the office. He was running around on crutches or in a wheel chair making sure all his patients were taken care of. He's just amazing. I can't say enough good things about him as a person and physician." - Mel F.